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Letting Go – Is it really that Hard?

Letting Go1

Letting Go is possibly the hardest thing we humans are expected to do. We must do it because whatever we do not let go of, is probably what holds us back. The irony is that often what we need to let go of, is what we want to hold on to as tight as we can and for the longest time.

Think of all the things that at some point you may have had to let go of – simple things such as a habit, a piece of clothing, a plaything, or even an emotion. There are then the tougher and heartrending ‘letting go’ experiences of putting down a sick pet or saying ‘goodbye’ forever to a loved one. Letting Go is painfully hard – very often, and requires an iron will and a stable mind in order to make the decision and then live with it. Maybe you have, in the course of your life, made a decision that felt like someone was reaching into your chest, ripping your heart out, and then stomping on it mercilessly – while all you could do was watch.

Why is letting go so hard? It’s probably because of our inability to accept completely and truly that the ‘time is up’ on the association or relationship we had with the thing, emotion, or person. From my experience I know and believe that acceptance and surrender are the only options with some semblance of sense, when it is time to let go. There really is no point prolonging the pain for yourself by lingering and forcibly holding on to something that will eventually find a way out of your life.

I am not suggesting that it is easy – I have accepted that it is one of the hardest things to do – but I do know that letting go is the right thing to do and over time will bring peace and a sense of calm. Let Go now – free yourself from those unseen shackles and breathe easy.

Personal Integrity – The Best Trait

In my opinion, a person is nothing without character and personal integrity. Personal integrity is exactly what the quote above says – it is not just about being honest and straightforward with others but also have the courage to be true with self. For example – if someone asks you for help, you must help if you can. But if you truly cannot, then it is much better to speak the truth – the same truth to yourself and the person asking for help. It is very hard for any self-respecting person to ask another person for help. Personal integrity in this way leads to development of character and builds one’s emotional reserves.

As a person grows spiritually and emotionally, the person is able to deal with challenges and problems much better and more effectively. This in turn leads to lowered stress and fosters positive energy. Personal integrity is about releasing the negative and building on the positive and allows one to look at each person with a balanced view. In my experience, a person who has negative thoughts and is not open, this person will not be trustworthy and will also be low on personal integrity. Conversely, a person who lives a life of honesty and integrity is a person who will openly depict their true nature to others, will be genuine and will not shy away from asking for help or giving help whenever necessary. Personal integrity allows a person to be rid of any internal ‘darkness’ and the need to ‘hide’.

Personal integrity inspires trust – in those we come in contact with and also within ourselves. With trust and support, we are strengthened and this brings confidence and self-reliance. Life seems to be getting harder and these positive traits, even though might not keep difficulties and obstacles away, they sure help to deal with them and overcome them a lot more easily and effectively. It therefore means that our life’s goals would be much more attainable through personal integrity and the traits that we build through it.

Life is a circle – whatever we put into it, comes back to us in some way. If you are high on personal integrity, the people you attract would be of a similar nature. However, if you have been dishonest and untruthful with people, you would soon be surrounded by the same kind of people, making it very hard to live in peace or even survive. Just like yourself, others too are able to detect deceit and lies and these are as annoying to others as to you – so give what you expect to receive.

Personal integrity must be at the core of our existence – every relationship or interaction we have then, will be an open, honest and credible one. Without integrity, one cannot hope to have even a close personal relationship as there would be fear, lies and the absence of love. It may be highly tempting to do the ‘wrong’ thing, but sooner than later, you would lose respect for yourself and find it hard to build relationships. Being completely honest is hard and sometimes risky, but a person with integrity will find a balance. As you go through life, reflect on how much the people close to you know you and you will have your answer on whether you have personal integrity or not. What do you think?

Yoga and A Holiday – the Chakra of well-being

If you are going on a holiday, you may as well combine it will health. Select vacation spots that have immense natural beauty and intense tranquility to provide the perfect setting to indulge in the unique and powerful energy of Yoga. The scenic beauty of a region would be an extraordinary space for meditation and for performing the various relaxing asanas of Yoga. Relax, unwind, and gain inner peace and silence to escape from the tension of the rushed city life. Stay at places that match the serenity of this ‘art’ step for step – pristine hills, thick green forests, sparkling rivulets and abundant flora and fauna – forming a stunning backdrop to this powerful method of rejuvenation, would be ideal.

With the abundance of nature’s jewels, such places would be the perfect setting to practice the art of Yoga. The green velvet spread over the mounds would serve as ideal seating spots to indulge in this activity that calms the mind and releases the pressures of modern day living. The unflustered appeal of the hills, for example, allows you to practice Yoga, revitalizing your senses and warming the deepest recesses of your heart. A holiday in such a setting, matched by the power of Yoga would open your mind to see familiar things from a new perspective and allow you to embrace the serene surroundings.

Yoga, as is well known, is a natural remedy for mental, physical, and spiritual resuscitation.   It helps the practitioner to meditate and have a spiritual dialogue. Yoga in the hills would surely restore your bodily energy, re-energize the mind, and create a haven of tranquility within your being. Imagine scenic surroundings of misty hills, lush green vegetation, the tinkling of the water bodies and the restful sounds of nature – Yoga in these surroundings would surely satisfy whatever your quest is – relax and unwind or the pursuit of activities amidst nature or simply to be touched by nature in its purest form. Surrender to the restorative powers of nature and Yoga – take a break!


Being Punctual is a Virtue

If you look around, it would seem like people are always in a hurry – always scurrying around trying to get things done. The real issue is that they are stressed because of being ‘behind time’. Being punctual takes away this unnecessary pressure and allows one to be a lot more in control, relaxed and at peace. There are too many commitments and pressures of daily life as it is – why add to these by being late? Would it not be better to plan your time and tasks better such that you are always punctual. As the quote above suggests – punctuality equals success in personal and professional endeavours.

Being punctual is about having integrity and lets others know this about you too. If you make a promise for example of meeting someone at a particular time, it becomes your duty to be there at the time. In an unfortunate crisis that would stop you from being punctual, it is one’s responsibility to keep the other informed of the reasons for delay. Being punctual reveals that you are someone who keeps their word and therefore can be trusted.

While being punctual is associated with ‘being somewhere at a certain time’, it also encompasses delivering on promises. If you say that you will do something at a given time and date, you must ensure that you deliver on that promise. This leads people to see you as reliable and someone they can lean on when they require. Being punctual translates to dependability and trustworthiness.

As your reputation of being a dependable and trustworthy person enhances, you also feel more confident, your morale is boosted and your self-esteem gets a push upwards. Being confident of oneself and makes one stronger and teaches one to depend on oneself and also to break away from habits and behaviours that pull you down. You feel more in control and are then more likely to be able to help others too.

If you are constantly late, you would find yourself trying to ‘beat the clock’ and racing around like crazy. Continually being stressed in this manner cannot be good for one’s health and overall well-being. Instead, developing the habit of being punctual eases the mind and allows you to reach your destination and do your work with utmost attention and high quality.

Being punctual allows you to prioritize, put things in order and have enough time to organize your day and thoughts. Such planning leads to discipline and a resolve to remain in control. A disciplined person will always find respect and will not only manage the professional life but also have ample time to spend with those they love and do things that they enjoy.

Successful people have become so because they attached great value to time – their own and those of others. They are able to leave a lasting positive impression on people by the way they conduct themselves – sharp, meticulous, respectful, disciplined and other such qualities that each person should aspire to inculcate. The old adage warns – “time and tide wait for no one” – it is important to take this seriously if you wish to progress and remain at the ‘top of your game’.


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