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Do You Know the Color of Your Thoughts?

Read this as though you wrote it

There are times when I might say “am feeling blue”, essentially conveying that I am sad or depressed or not feeling as happy and energetic as I usually feel. On some days, everything is rosy red, or sunshine yellow or perky orange, while some days are neutral or rested – gray or white might describe them.

The color of my thoughts often translates to the color of my emotions. If my thoughts are orange, my emotion and mood would be happy. Depending on how often the colors are cheery and bright, these could stick with me for some time. Think about it! Well, I understand that keeping thoughts in control not easy, but unless I remain mindful of what I am allowing into my head, I could easily get overwhelmed. At the risk of sounding like a harbinger of gloom, the fact is that negativity is ubiquitous and hence the color of my thoughts could easily become blue or black.

My mind is powerful. If I color it with the dark or wrong thoughts, my life will be ‘dyed’ the same color. Of course, this is subjective but I know for a fact that the longer I ponder or stick with the dark/miserable/despondent colors, the worse I feel. And to make matters worse, these colors tend to stick and become harder to disconnect them from me.

Don’t get me wrong – am not always jumping around happy and smiling. I have my cantankerous and morose days too, which am sure you have as well. In fact, we need these bleak times – they help me at least to appreciate even the normal days, allowing me to view the world in a happy frame.

What is the predominant color of your thoughts? Is it time to change this color and do you have what it takes to make that change?

Have a colorful weekend!

Why Emotional Intelligence is Critical

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There is so much happening in the upper reaches of your head – you find yourself unable to relax. Wouldn’t you like to remain active, lose yourself in vigorous and fruitful pursuits, ones that make you forget what is bothering you – a sophisticated kind of displacement!

Emotional Intelligence – not from the haloed offices or the glorified pages of scholars – is simply about asking and knowing why. It becomes your purpose and the driving force that will inform every action you take. High EI can become your personal or your business’s brand value – that oomph and differentiating factor that everyone wants but does not have. Make EI part of your mission statement – that critical factor that makes you stand head and shoulder above others!

Yes, it is a challenging time for all. With high EI you would refuse to operate out of a place of fear but rather be disruptive and shake up the industry and your own way of life. Every idea that you think of, probably already exists – but with #high emotional intelligence you would be deliver what you have in a different and unique way to attract customers, with panache!

You know what else is great about EI, it allows you to feel discouraged, upset, angry, sad, or other such ‘negative’ emotions – but tells you what you can do with these emotions and feelings – you will ALWAYS find a solution. It enables you to sort out the big and small stuff with focus on your options and the way forward. Emotional Intelligence helps you realize your greatest strengths and fulfill your optimal potential to get what you desire.

The world is constantly changing and so are we as individuals. Rather than fight the change, it would be prudent to build agility and tackle whatever we are faced with – daily. The strength for this should come from within – EI is your tool to build this inner vigor and resilience. The essence of EI is that it helps you challenge the status quo – whether it is your own rigid mindset or fear or the personalities of others around us. Remaining stagnant is detrimental for business, a person, and from an overall wellness perspective.

EI hands you the reins- allows you freedom – makes you the boss of your choices. It affords you the tenacity and determination to keep going despite challenges and in the face of failure. EI is all about passion – when you are passionate about something, you do it well and succeed.

Doesn’t EI sound like something you want to learn for yourself, your business, your relationships, and for every aspect of your life?

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