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Letting Go1

Letting Go is possibly the hardest thing we humans are expected to do. We must do it because whatever we do not let go of, is probably what holds us back. The irony is that often what we need to let go of, is what we want to hold on to as tight as we can and for the longest time.

Think of all the things that at some point you may have had to let go of – simple things such as a habit, a piece of clothing, a plaything, or even an emotion. There are then the tougher and heartrending ‘letting go’ experiences of putting down a sick pet or saying ‘goodbye’ forever to a loved one. Letting Go is painfully hard – very often, and requires an iron will and a stable mind in order to make the decision and then live with it. Maybe you have, in the course of your life, made a decision that felt like someone was reaching into your chest, ripping your heart out, and then stomping on it mercilessly – while all you could do was watch.

Why is letting go so hard? It’s probably because of our inability to accept completely and truly that the ‘time is up’ on the association or relationship we had with the thing, emotion, or person. From my experience I know and believe that acceptance and surrender are the only options with some semblance of sense, when it is time to let go. There really is no point prolonging the pain for yourself by lingering and forcibly holding on to something that will eventually find a way out of your life.

I am not suggesting that it is easy – I have accepted that it is one of the hardest things to do – but I do know that letting go is the right thing to do and over time will bring peace and a sense of calm. Let Go now – free yourself from those unseen shackles and breathe easy.