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A PROUD ‘SOLOPRENEUR’ – top quality Content Writer and Proofreader

Solopreneur is perhaps the best description of how I operate being a top quality serious Content Writer and Proofreader – someone who runs a business as livelihood, pretty much the same as any other business owner. Solopreneur is a new connotation and hence appears to be an incorrect spelling! There are several reasons for adding it to my profile:

1. Despite freelancing become a rage, the perception of ‘freelancers’ is still not great – you know as opposed to a business owner – entrepreneur – strategist – ninja – and several other such ‘high profile’ words. For most people still the word freelancer conjures images of some college student working to earn a few ‘happy’ bucks or a person working to pass time / or just for a lark.

2. I am a highly experienced professional, and as a freelance writer, I know my craft and respect it immensely. My work and my skills make me a strategic partner for other businesses.

3. While freelancing may sound easy, take my word for it – it is quite the opposite. There is nothing ‘free’ about it, and while I do have some leeway to decide my work hours, clients expect work completion within deadlines. They pay me – so they rightfully have expectations, and I have never faltered on a deadline.

4. I am not in a state of transition – this is my business and I am here to stay. In order to get better, I continue to read and consistently attempt to write articles on new and different subjects. The endeavour is to write a better piece of content each time.

A Solopreneur ‘runs a business of one’ – strong and determined, and with the ability to produce top quality work. I own this business. I am committed to it and my aim is to help my clients increase their revenue and grow their business through the words are string together. I possess the poise and nous required to manage this business well, and as I pick myself up from the physically draining and emotionally devastating tragedy, I hope to scale the business to a higher level.

I am a solopreneur. I work within systems and processes, have firm goals, undertake business development activities, and constantly endeavour to grow my business. I am a business owner by these standards and more. Connect with me to understand how my business can help yours – chandini.khanna@gmail.com