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If you look around, it would seem like people are always in a hurry – always scurrying around trying to get things done. The real issue is that they are stressed because of being ‘behind time’. Being punctual takes away this unnecessary pressure and allows one to be a lot more in control, relaxed and at peace. There are too many commitments and pressures of daily life as it is – why add to these by being late? Would it not be better to plan your time and tasks better such that you are always punctual. As the quote above suggests – punctuality equals success in personal and professional endeavours.

Being punctual is about having integrity and lets others know this about you too. If you make a promise for example of meeting someone at a particular time, it becomes your duty to be there at the time. In an unfortunate crisis that would stop you from being punctual, it is one’s responsibility to keep the other informed of the reasons for delay. Being punctual reveals that you are someone who keeps their word and therefore can be trusted.

While being punctual is associated with ‘being somewhere at a certain time’, it also encompasses delivering on promises. If you say that you will do something at a given time and date, you must ensure that you deliver on that promise. This leads people to see you as reliable and someone they can lean on when they require. Being punctual translates to dependability and trustworthiness.

As your reputation of being a dependable and trustworthy person enhances, you also feel more confident, your morale is boosted and your self-esteem gets a push upwards. Being confident of oneself and makes one stronger and teaches one to depend on oneself and also to break away from habits and behaviours that pull you down. You feel more in control and are then more likely to be able to help others too.

If you are constantly late, you would find yourself trying to ‘beat the clock’ and racing around like crazy. Continually being stressed in this manner cannot be good for one’s health and overall well-being. Instead, developing the habit of being punctual eases the mind and allows you to reach your destination and do your work with utmost attention and high quality.

Being punctual allows you to prioritize, put things in order and have enough time to organize your day and thoughts. Such planning leads to discipline and a resolve to remain in control. A disciplined person will always find respect and will not only manage the professional life but also have ample time to spend with those they love and do things that they enjoy.

Successful people have become so because they attached great value to time – their own and those of others. They are able to leave a lasting positive impression on people by the way they conduct themselves – sharp, meticulous, respectful, disciplined and other such qualities that each person should aspire to inculcate. The old adage warns – “time and tide wait for no one” – it is important to take this seriously if you wish to progress and remain at the ‘top of your game’.