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If you are going on a holiday, you may as well combine it will health. Select vacation spots that have immense natural beauty and intense tranquility to provide the perfect setting to indulge in the unique and powerful energy of Yoga. The scenic beauty of a region would be an extraordinary space for meditation and for performing the various relaxing asanas of Yoga. Relax, unwind, and gain inner peace and silence to escape from the tension of the rushed city life. Stay at places that match the serenity of this ‘art’ step for step – pristine hills, thick green forests, sparkling rivulets and abundant flora and fauna – forming a stunning backdrop to this powerful method of rejuvenation, would be ideal.

With the abundance of nature’s jewels, such places would be the perfect setting to practice the art of Yoga. The green velvet spread over the mounds would serve as ideal seating spots to indulge in this activity that calms the mind and releases the pressures of modern day living. The unflustered appeal of the hills, for example, allows you to practice Yoga, revitalizing your senses and warming the deepest recesses of your heart. A holiday in such a setting, matched by the power of Yoga would open your mind to see familiar things from a new perspective and allow you to embrace the serene surroundings.

Yoga, as is well known, is a natural remedy for mental, physical, and spiritual resuscitation.   It helps the practitioner to meditate and have a spiritual dialogue. Yoga in the hills would surely restore your bodily energy, re-energize the mind, and create a haven of tranquility within your being. Imagine scenic surroundings of misty hills, lush green vegetation, the tinkling of the water bodies and the restful sounds of nature – Yoga in these surroundings would surely satisfy whatever your quest is – relax and unwind or the pursuit of activities amidst nature or simply to be touched by nature in its purest form. Surrender to the restorative powers of nature and Yoga – take a break!