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Goodness Should be Ubiquitous

The world often seems to be ‘playing’ on the other side of a glass divider, like an aquarium. Everything ‘seems’ close and within reach, and yet not so. We often end up making choices based on what we believe we are ‘seeing’ and know, and more than not, those choices do not reflect ‘good’.

The fact is that goodness at any level still surprises us, and on a large scale – we are shocked. And yet, the ‘idea’ of goodness is ubiquitous, often mentioned in passing, assuming everyone truly understands its meaning and significance. The irony is – we use the word goodness in everyday parlance and yet the actual concept is highly underused, to the extent that any sign of goodness surprises us. Your first reaction might be to disagree with me – but think about it. Someone responds with care to your message – you wonder what objective the person may have; someone helps another or even cares about the planet and animals – there are innumerable posts of ‘wow’. What doesn’t shock us, on the contrary, are acts of unkindness, bullying, and hatred.

Why do so many of us turn to ‘God’ when we undergo tremendous difficulties and sufferings in our life? Why don’t we learn from our pain and ensure that we do not mete out pain and suffering to others? Why do we allow ourselves to wallow in self-pity or take out our frustration on those around us, and worse still, those weaker than us? The answer to all of these seemingly perplexing questions is that we allow our character to be shaped sans goodness. We make choices that lead us down a path that does not allow us to be receptive to goodness. Some of us believe that goodness can only be a reflection of some ‘divine power’ but definitely not a person’s internal ethical values.


We need to make goodness ubiquitous – and this should no longer be a choice. This is so since without all-pervasive goodness, we are actually going against what is natural – it’s like abstaining from breathing, or food, or air – which sooner or later will affect our survival! The greater good is present inherently in all of us – but can only be effective and become stronger when we practice it. Hatred and evil are what we ‘learn’ and pass on to our generations! Ever seen a child ‘hate’ on another living being? A child’s first reaction is to run towards, hug another, pet an animal, and laugh for no reason – proving that goodness is inherent. We are born with it. Yet over time, we replace a lot of it with everything that would be the antithesis of goodness. Are you brave enough to accept this truth?

It’s time to reboot – now. Do you agree?