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I must admit that when I began writing as a means to earn, it was scary. There were times that I would write just to escape – from being tired, from feeling emotionally drained, or even from laborious chores. At other times, I would relax and stop battling these ‘demons’, only to find my head and heart in sync, which then allowed the words to tumble out of them. My heart, mind, and words would coalesce – sometimes into a smooth flowing river and sometimes I would end up with a big soggy puddle!

Over time, I realized that in order to write well, I need to write from the depths of my soul – not from the surface of my emotions. I had to venture deep inside – deep enough to awaken feelings that would help me become distinct. Writing for me now, after years of practice, is a series of layered subtleties and gradations, expressed well enough to make people want to go along with me on my journey. I write from my soul.

When I write, I want it to be read and to leave the readers wanting more. It’s a deep desire to captivate the readers and enable them to ‘live’ my experiences, joys, darkness, lessons – albeit vicariously. The truth is that all of us have a story – we all are memoirs. When I write, however, it becomes a journey that I wish readers would want to undertake with me, and maybe compare notes of their story with mine.

It’s all about simple choices – the kind that creates magic, the kind that is the difference between words that readers want to soak in repeatedly or give up right at the beginning. I write such that readers can learn about my pain and joys – and maybe ease their pain and re-live their joys.

Life can be mundane in some parts – but through my words, I try to help see those ‘worn out’ parts with a fresh perspective. I know that when I read something, it often is to find some light or some solution to the complete madness in life – I read to save my soul and move towards being a better person. No words should be taken for granted – they must enrich the reader and encourage him/her to feel the emotions without actually undergoing a similar experience. Imagine that!

Wishing you well always!