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We are in the second month of 2021 – most of us looking back with trepidation and anxiety at the miserable year gone by. While 2020 hammered away at earnings, self-confidence, and health of most folk, technology seemed to take further control of the world. Digital communication has become the go-to means of interacting and enables organizations and professionals to engage consistently. Given the comfort levels with remote working – the trend of appointing expert freelancers will accelerate, according to a report by Intuit. Expert freelancers score since employing their services means a variable cost for companies, while affording a serious boost to the efficiency and professional levels for the company. Expert and experienced freelancers are already equipped with the discipline and focus that remote and unsupervised work demands. Contrary to belief – freelancers work longer hours and face a rather unique set of challenges – it is not all easy going and hunky dory!  Let’s take a look at why they are making a positive impact:

Bridge the Skills Gap

Futuristic and critical skill sets, such as proficiency in verbal and written communication and ability to work without supervision are some of the hard to find skills. Companies are looking outward to avail specialized competences and competencies. This set of professionals, supplements existing and are the perfect addition to the missing talent at the right time. A company is only as strong and successful as its workforce – both permanent and outsourced.

Greater Flexibility to Companies

A team of freelancers/contingent workers ensures that your company would be able to respond rapidly to changing demands of the market. The slightest delay in adapting to the market or client demands could be difference between success and failure. Additionally, expert and experienced freelancers do not add to the company’s headcount. This means no extra expenditure on – seating space, equipment and meals, benefits and perks, and other such expenses associated with full-time employees.

Experienced Freelancers ‘Hit the Ground Running’

When your company is hit with a big project or a sudden spike in work, experienced and expert freelancers can prove to be the ‘silver bullet’ to end the woes of being under-staffed or having inexperienced persons to deal with the issues. Even if they come with a higher cost, such contingent workers can be hired immediately without the onerous formalities associated with employee onboarding and future ongoing costs. Organizations do not need to worry about vacation pay or medical benefits or sick leave. They end up saving on costs for training and skill development as well. Most importantly, expert freelancers fit right in and ‘hit the ground running’.

Bring in Fresh and Even Disruptive Perspectives

A ‘fresh pair of eyes’ with an experienced and insightful perspective can prove to be highly beneficial for any company. An expert freelancer can bring in novel views, often over and above the scope of their current field of operation.

Are You Still Thinking?

Hiring these expert folks gives you instant access to some of the best talent available. Facilitate speedy adjustments, help your business to scale, and acquire short supply skills – just some of the many advantages for a company that will keep it ahead of its competitors!