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What does this phrase mean? What does it mean to you and can it be explained? To my way of thinking – it is not that this cannot be explained, but in doing so, it is possible that it loses its meaning when explicated in words. The world from each person’s perspective is evidently dissimilar. We seem to see everything up close and personal, and yet things seem detached.

We are not aware of what the future holds – and the pandemic is proof of that, in a forceful and ‘larger than life’ way. No, this is not a discourse on the pandemic! We know (even without the ‘scourge’) that we cannot predict the next moment, let alone tomorrow. What we can do, is either make the ‘uncertainty’ creep on us like flames lapping at our feet or choose to stay with and in, each moment. #Inviolable Equanimity is harder to achieve than we might think, but it is not impossible to steer clear of the immediacy of uncertainty. Without this composure and being in the present, we add isolation to the already lethal mix of depression, pain, anxiety, anger, and other toxic feelings. We create a ‘pressure cooker’ like state in our mind, heart, and body, with no discernible ‘release valve’.

We know that the definition and meaning of certainty and inviolable equanimity changes all the time. The reality of these terms is volatile and multi-layered, and even paradoxical. The phenomena of our everyday life seem fiddly to define. So, is there a way to center our minds and attain Inviolable Equanimity? Yes, I believe there is – if we are willing to go about things differently and remain committed to achieving positive results.

The trick lies in maintaining the impenetrable calmness – moment to moment or what is defined as being #mindful and being in the now. The offshoots are clarity of thought, ability to influence positive outcomes, focus and concentration – and a number of other such niceties that help maintain Inviolable Equanimity. Must say, however, that this sweet spot is by no means a given or easy to attain, even though it is core to our being. It is an essential albeit fragile asset.

Many of us have been dealt harsher and more frequent blows in our life – ones that either shook the foundation of our being or had other catastrophic aftermaths. These ‘thrashings’ often result in coping strategies that are usually apathy and even ‘resigning to one’s fate’. What makes these feelings even worse is the seeming revelry of our plight, of those around us – sadistic pleasure as we know it. Face it – there are demons amongst us, and each of us may have worn the cloak of such demonic impulses, sometime in our lives.

It is apparent that the disdainful and emotionally impoverished reactions, need to be culled – we need our inviolable equanimity to feel as dignified equals. We need a deeper form of ‘equality’ – a place where we accept our differences, stay away from corrosive inequality, and keep alive a profound sense of dignity not just for ourselves but for others too. Inviolable Equanimity is that higher stage – the one that lies beyond formal and material equality. Are we ready/committed enough?

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