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Whoever you are or wherever your road has taken you, your personal story is your companion on this journey. Have you thought of sharing it with the world – stark and unobscured? Yes, it is scary to break down that wall and bare your soul. There are for sure certain parts of your soul that exist only for you – your thoughts, your secrets.
However, what inspires you constantly, should be shared – find the tools to express what lies inside of you and dare to share that which motivates you – pushes you beyond ‘comfort’. Share your experiences and motivations as an anecdote or in any other compelling manner, such that not only would you help others but also would rid yourself of exhaustion. When you have nothing that motivates you, there is a real danger of building and concealing self-loathing.

You would find it hard to do anything of consequence, feel constantly drained, overthink everything, and worst of all doubt yourself whether you can do or have done anything worthwhile. When you share and feel motivated, you would discover synchronicities in every part of your life. And while, you might believe that motivating yourself is the best form, reflecting on and soaking up the learnings from the lives of others, can be truly stirring and stimulating.

You might say that everyone needs their time and space, to travel their journey. And you are right. However, this journey must brim with productive thoughts and a grounded approach that takes you one firm step at a time. It is futile to waste your energy fighting against where you are currently. Move on to invest that energy to reach where you want to be, while sensibly shedding all that which pulls you down and does not serve your ‘motivation’. It would help to remain circumspect of habits that potentially annihilate you, such that you can defeat the old patterns that seemed ‘comfortable and easily ‘accessible’. Indeed, you cannot hold yourself responsible for what someone else does, nor should you hold on to what happened ‘yesterday’. Blaming the ‘past’ quickly turns into a mindset that is limited and constrained. The only thing that should motivate you is being in control of what can make the life you want. It is all about altering the response.

Looking back should be reserved only to see the strength you displayed in the face of challenges and the hardiness you gained from whatever ‘thrashed’ you. You will (I assure you) feel motivated to see how much you have grown and you will learn to give yourself credit for being tenacious and resilient, and moving ahead with grace even when it may have been the hardest thing to do.

The mistake we often make is to wait for what we deem as the ‘ideal’ path – when we know that a path is created by walking. Rather than waiting to build confidence and motivation to start a journey, take that step and build courage and motivation as you move along. Most often, life never turns out the way we deem it to be. Start by finding that one tiny scintilla that serves as motivation, and you will soon smile and be at peace with even that one baby step that you take as you build a new path.

Keep Motivating!