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The depth of our inner world has an unspoken desire, a quiet dream that most of us are trying to understand. It is a journey to untangle the complex webs of our souls without any definite routes, making us lost in the vague world of our emotional impulses and erotic yearnings.

To others, they experience some internal war for pulling between their wishes and responsibilities, giving them a beautiful feeling of self-searching. On the other hand, some others say that they lose their own essence as they transform into another being.

This mysterious expedition frequently involves a feeling that something must be done even when the road ahead remains unclear. We know there is a problem somewhere, but what to change and how to effect the changes defy clear understanding.

This transition entails a shift away from dedicating the majority of our time and energy to fulfilling the expectations and wishes of others. Instead, it is a profound inner journey, a quest for spiritual growth, and the pursuit of profound serenity and joy in communion with our innermost selves.

This change that we are going through is a sign coming from the inmost center of our soul. Listening to this call prompts us along an adventure of being more than just alive but prospering. Nevertheless, when we decide to ignore that, our body and mind could be loaded with consequences of our apathy.

In its subtle wisdom, the soul keeps whispering to us the entire time, offering the inner compass that leads us on the path of living our deepest truths. It demands that we become attuned and walk towards being authentic, true, and meaningful living. Are we listening?