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Not hard to understand why focus is critical to success. It may seem like we go about our daily routine chores without paying any attention – but that is not true. Even though we may have been doing these tasks regularly, they still require that we pay some amount of attention to them in order to get them done. In order to be productive, one needs focus. Focus helps a person remain in control, be creative and also save time and energy that would be spent if one was distracted. Focus enhances the quality of our actions and allows people to be known as ‘specialists’ or ‘subject matter experts’. Focus allows them to repeatedly do the same tasks thereby making them extremely proficient in those tasks over time. While companies tend to hire people who can multi-task, the really sought after people are those who outdo others each time in one particular field.

When a person is focused, be it on anything, they gain the power to say no to distractions and anything that would veer them away from their main goal. They, in a manner of speaking, set boundaries and limitations for themselves from all those things that would detract from the importance of the thing they wish to focus on. It is this single-minded approach that is called focus.

When one has focus, they are able to harness the power of their attention and channelize all their energies onto the aspect they want to focus on. Being focused requires discipline and is not something that just happens. Becoming focused is a ‘process’ – a well-thought out strategy where one examines and re-examines one’s thoughts and behaviours and eliminates all the aspects that would detract from their goal. Being focused requires passion, integrity and strength of purpose – all these traits will keep a person strong and will not the occasional setbacks, trying circumstances, difficult people and other such negatives, steer them away from whatever it is that they are focused on. They will pursue their goal regardless and will also be able to energize those around them. Are you someone like this?

Remaining focused on a set goal is definitely easier said than done. As a person’s circumstances change, monotony sets in, there are other possibilities that open up and other such highly distracting elements – it is very easy for a person to lose focus. The objectives that one set out for oneself may seem to blur and other ‘excitements’ could get the better of a person leading to the shifting of one’s focus to some other goal and starting off anew. I am not suggesting that one should not be open to new ideas – but before giving up one must ask oneself why they started off in a particular direction to start with. Is the objective no longer worth it or is the loss of focus and interest mainly due to laziness, boredom or erosion of passion? If you cannot find a suitable answer and lose focus, you will soon find yourself being pulled in different directions – some of which may not even make sense. We actually invite failure into our lives when we try to do too many things at one time – the old adage “jack of all trades and master of none” then applies to us.

Focus brings success and respect. People tend to be in awe of those who would have started out in a small way but with focus and dedication have worked their way to becoming hugely successful. We have a number of such examples not just in our country, but across the world. These focused people did not get trapped by failure, other motives, distractions or any such things, leading to them becoming examples for all who seek similar successes. Stay focused – success may just be round the corner!