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In the hustle and bustle of modern life, ‘soft’ often gets overshadowed by the relentless pursuit of productivity and efficiency. We battle deadlines and commitments constantly and are in a whirlwind of unceasing connectivity. Amid this chaos, the softer aspects of life – reflection, connection, and self-care – are often pushed to the sidelines. Trust me when I say, I am nowhere close to mastering this – but I try every single day. You can too!

For me, it’s about embracing openness even when I’d rather stay closed. It’s expressing my thoughts and feelings in images, like the way rivers change course – a reminder that change is possible within myself. Paying attention to my dreams is like feeding my soul, staying aware even when the road ahead seems uncertain.

Surviving, to me, means embracing a guiding principle that recognizes I wasn’t destined solely for survival. It involves understanding the moments when challenges began in my life and acquiring the capacity to carry elements – elements that a liberated mind can use to, maybe, shape a liberated world.

I strive to give my life the beauty it needs – like watching birds unfold their wings and fly high. I embrace the aspect of this ascendance, keeping me focused on rising again after a fall. Entering my eternity means creating a personal paradise where the sun and moon welcome me. It’s about pursuing the richness of life, with both its fullness and moments of emptiness, akin to the blooming of flowers in the springtime.

Creating conditions for my soul to live involves turning things upside down – stepping away from what depletes me. Recognizing that we’ll all leave this world someday, it’s about making choices that bring joy to my soul until that inevitable moment. These reflective moments are everything I never knew I needed. Welcome to my most soulful year!

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