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For the last few weeks rather months I have been directly or indirectly been forced to find out more about content strategy. Just thinking of the word strategy, makes one feel like smart and experienced enough to talk about the topic.

However simple it may be, it is still difficult -at-least for me, to understand the wikipedia definition of content strategy, “…the practice of planning the content creation, delivery, and governance AND a repeatable system that defines the entire editorial content development process…”. For me, content strategy is the way in which a business/organization defines & develops the culture, the content structure and the information which may be aligned with the product/service. It is important that the structure meets a user’s need at any particular time during information search.

In this digital age, users are always “ON” whether it is web, social, mobile or even offline (QR codes/website links etc.), and is always looking for and consuming information in seamless and integrated manner. So content strategy presents us with an opportunity to connect with user, and to become the source of information without becoming a news company or a commercial content platform.

Content strategy helps you to strengthen your web marketing of converting a new visitor or known visitor to a potential prospect to a customer. Even if that does not happen it still helps you to build trust and confidence with your customer by meeting his information needs. So, a business has nothing to lose if they think about content strategy as a business executable and start building relationships with online users.