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Read this as though you wrote it

There are times when I might say “am feeling blue”, essentially conveying that I am sad or depressed or not feeling as happy and energetic as I usually feel. On some days, everything is rosy red, or sunshine yellow or perky orange, while some days are neutral or rested – gray or white might describe them.

The color of my thoughts often translates to the color of my emotions. If my thoughts are orange, my emotion and mood would be happy. Depending on how often the colors are cheery and bright, these could stick with me for some time. Think about it! Well, I understand that keeping thoughts in control not easy, but unless I remain mindful of what I am allowing into my head, I could easily get overwhelmed. At the risk of sounding like a harbinger of gloom, the fact is that negativity is ubiquitous and hence the color of my thoughts could easily become blue or black.

My mind is powerful. If I color it with the dark or wrong thoughts, my life will be ‘dyed’ the same color. Of course, this is subjective but I know for a fact that the longer I ponder or stick with the dark/miserable/despondent colors, the worse I feel. And to make matters worse, these colors tend to stick and become harder to disconnect them from me.

Don’t get me wrong – am not always jumping around happy and smiling. I have my cantankerous and morose days too, which am sure you have as well. In fact, we need these bleak times – they help me at least to appreciate even the normal days, allowing me to view the world in a happy frame.

What is the predominant color of your thoughts? Is it time to change this color and do you have what it takes to make that change?

Have a colorful weekend!