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Let’s start first with some swimming instructions and how you can keep yourself, your loved ones and even your gadgets safe while swimming. The sweltering heat is enough motivation to drive one to the embrace of the cool and crystalline waters of a swimming pool and there is no doubt that it is great fun and much needed relief from the fiery sun. However, those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and may not have undertaken swimming as an exercise before and tend to have sensitive skin and weaker bodily functions, must consult their doctor before swimming. The fact is that the chlorinated water and presence of sub-products often leads to skin irritation, respiratory problems and even eye infections. Protect your eyes especially by using water-proof swimming goggles. Using a swimming cap also protects the hair from harmful agents. Often people go directly from work to have a swim and carry their gadgets along with them. Leaving them in the change rooms could get them stolen – take them with you for a swim – make them waterproof by encasing them in easily available and robust waterproof carriers.

Swimming is Fun

We live in fast moving times – even families hardly get time to spend together during the day. Go swimming – the whole family together! It’s a great way to share laughs, unwind and sharing a common activity strengthens bonds. The whole family has their share of exercise and remains happy and active. Even if you are not great swimmers, playing water games, splashing each other with the water and having that time together does wonders for the spirit of unity and oneness for a family. As the cool water caresses the skin, even the older members of the family feel fit, rejuvenated and I say younger too! Is your family next?

Swimming is Exercise

Despite being an intense workout and exercise, swimming is so much fun that the effort rarely seems present. What better ambiance to exercise in than in cool water splashing around you, a soft light breeze wafting across the water and birds flitting past in the cerulean sky – it’s an uplifting and joyous feeling. No matter how bad or hard a day you have had, I guarantee that a few minutes in the water will wash away all the fretting and regrets of the day. It’s almost like magic – I speak from experience – after a few laps around the pool there is no way you won’t be smiling despite being exhausted from the exercise. In fact, I would say that swimming as an exercise should be used proactively – engage in this exercise at least once a day and you will find your mood more buoyant and your head a lot clearer, which in turn will keep you feeling great all day.

Lose weight and Get Fit

As an aerobic exercise swimming is a great way to burn some calories – combine it with a sensible diet and overtime you will have a slimmer you. Every muscle in the body is put to work when you swim, improving the overall feeling of well-being and also serving to keep you fit. It increases the circulation of blood and also improves respiratory control and lung function. Keeping fit is not just a bodily function – having mental agility counts for fitness too. Swimming as a sport is demanding and builds a person’s self-esteem and confidence. It inculcates the spirit of teamwork, being competitive in a controlled manner and instils discipline in the person undertaking it. Swimming is good even for older people – they do not necessarily have to swim around but just moving their hands and legs about in the water lets them feel energized and relieves aches and pains. Plus it makes them feel like children again!

Summer is here – splash, frolic, swim!