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The living room in a home occupies the most important place – the space where a family gathers to discuss their respective day, relax, have fun and enjoy laid-back evenings. Guests of the family are entertained here too and so this room sees the maximum traffic and activity compared to other spaces in the home. It is necessary to understand the importance of this space and thus it is imperative to keep this room looking fresh and exquisite.

While setting up your living room remember the purpose of this space. It must be comfortable, comforting, warm, inviting and invigorating and must speak of your personal style and taste. The occupants of the home and the visitors will be spending a considerable amount of time in the part of the home. There are a number of styles, colours, designs and decors, which can be used to manifest all the attributes I just mentioned.

An all-white flawless living room is unmatched in grace and charm. It really is impossible to go wrong with a completely white living space. However, to keep it from looking like a hospital room, it can be accentuated with different textures and fuchsia accents provide the perfect blend of panache and softness. Different hues of fuchsia – chiffon curtains, rough-hewn linen fuchsia coloured seating, white background with embossed embroidery in fuchsia – all add depth and life to the monochromatic appeal.

As you imagine this room, you will know that it is fresh, light and bright and looks appealing and in step with modern trends. The vibrancy of the fuchsia hues and textures look neat, chic, trendy and yet subtle and more than just a dash of classic appeal! Adding some indoor plants will provide a striking color combination leaving the room look fresh and airy even in the driest and hottest of weather.

Keep the furniture subtle. A mix of too many different types and colors of furniture will make the room looking overbearing and confused. To keep the ambience relaxed and yet lively, choose furniture that has a couple of common design themes and uses a similar color palette as the room. The furniture finishes should be light to accentuate the feeling of space. The doors and windows too must be in white and in a material, which would be easy to maintain, clean and which would continue to look good and perform well over years.

Make your living room space stand out – make it the envy of onlookers. Fuchsia is an eye-catching and attention grabbing color. Blending this color with the elegance and fluency of white, makes this color combination the kind that gets living spaces published in popular design magazines. After a hard day’s work, coming home to this space is sure to melt away all the worries and chaotic humdrum of a work life.