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Do you like the pain that comes with having a tooth extracted? For a lot of people, negotiating likens to this pain. It’s unpleasant and embarrassing enough to want us to avoid it. However, it’s important to do it and do it right lest you lose some serious earning potential by selling yourself short. You can start with registering your services / skills / business on and let work find you.

  • When work comes to you, rather than you asking for it – you can be sure that you will get the right deal without the hassle of haggling on price
  • Look at the other person as an enabler and not as an adversary. Understand on what are the underlying needs of the person and when the interests interconnect then move towards the solutions
  • It is about money but not ONLY. If you make it only about that then your success will be measured only from that angle. Negotiate on as many variables as you can – if the deadlines are tight, present a higher rate. This way both parties will know they have gained something. Think win-win
  • Just like everything else, practice in this will make it a near perfect art. Work with a friend so that when you err here you will know what to do when actually making the deal
  • Build value by exhibiting what you do – how you will be an advantage over others and specifically to their requirements. Once you have established your value-add, you will not just get the price you want but also build a relationship that is happy and efficient
  • Build an image of yourself – make it grow in the mind of the persons you are trying to work with. Explain how you will approach the task and ready it for success

Connect the dots, cross the t’s and dot the i’s for the person – make them see that there is only one solution to their problem – YOU.

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