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In this age of ‘frenzied working hours and mad chaos’ planning a marriage has begun to take up more time and energy than ever before. Marriage parties are becoming more lavish and there are so many things that need to be put in place. Naturally then by the time the last ritual is done, couples are exhausted and have had precious little time to spend with each other. I bring you some undiscovered honeymoon destinations, that will provide the much needed relaxation, seclusion and romance required by the newly-weds to start a wonderful life together.


Visit Tarkarli Beach – an unexplored destination in Maharashtra, which is the perfect ‘secret’ getaway for a new couple. It offers hushed silences and relaxing breezes that gently caress the skin. The shimmering silvery sand and crystal blue waters are lined by the shadowy Casuarina trees. This beach is vacant most of the time allowing couples to enjoy some intimate moments amongst the picturesque settings.   Morning and evening are perfect for long romantic walks on the beach. Indulge in exciting adventures like scuba diving and snorkeling with your partner for an added adrenaline rush. Around this beach there are other locations that you can visit like the Sindhudurg Fort, Malvan Market, Dhamapur Lake and the Nivati Fort. If you are the outdoorsy type of couple, then indulge in activities like parasailing, jet-ski rides, bumper ride and kayaking. Explore wildlife through the different safaris including Dolphin Safari and a visit to Crocodile point.

If as a couple, exploring historical sites enthralls you then set your honeymoon at Hampi, Karnataka. Sitting adventurously between rocks and waterways, this is a grand and unique destination perfect for time of history and adventure with your special one for company. Hampi has a number of old and beautiful temples, some of which are adorned with breathtaking sculptures created by the rulers of Vijaynagar. Visit the Virupaksha temple, the Vitthal temple, Vithalswami and Hazara Rama temple to witness not just peace and calm but also some beautiful sites. Do not miss out on the 6.7meters tall statue of Lord Narasimha, the Lotus Mahal and the Matanga Hill. Just 15kms from Hampi is the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary for a wild experience. Great locale, tranquility and awesome sites!

Feel the rush of your pulse and experience the growing excitement when you enter the Thalon Cave, Manipur. It’s an unusual and exhilarating feeling to enter the dark cave lending a feel of going in to an unknown yet peaceful world. This cave was discovered only in 1946 by the Maharaja of Manipur, Budhachandra. Now part of the Manipur tourism festival the cave expedition is only open for 3 weeks. These long dark caves resonate with the mystical sounds of the sea. The intrigue, sensual darkness and spooky excitement of these caves makes it a must visit for ‘high octane’ couples. What’s better than to have an ‘adrenaline high’ together in an activity that is rare and distinct!

Beaches have a romantic and sensual feel to them. Add to this a heavy dose of mischief and you have the Hide and Seek Beach, in Orissa. The beach gets its name from the activity that happens during high and low tide, and is a rather mysterious and exciting phenomenon. In the low tide, the water of the sea recedes approximately 5 kilometers revealing the beach. During high tide, the waters flow back, and cover the beach entirely. This playful behavior of one of nature’s most beautiful yet powerful resources is rather amusing yet enticing and must be experienced.

Forests that appear like magical lands are like one’s childhood dreams come true. The Living Root Bridges of Cherrapunji is the quintessential ‘magical land’ that has never failed to entice us. The ‘bridges’ are formed by the roots of the Indian Rubber tree and the local Khasis use betel nut trunks cut through the middle to ‘guide’ these routes in a particular direction. These roots, in the protective covering of betel nut trunks, grow out straight and take root in the soil. Some of these ‘bridges’ are over hundred feet in length and take around ten to fifteen years to become extraordinarily strong. Their strength keeps increasing with time since they are alive and continually growing. Some of these ‘bridges’ are well over 500 years old. The most interesting root bridge, and possibly the only kind in the world, is two bridges stacked one over another and is known as “Umshiang Double-Decker Root Bridge.

Start your life’s journey by building a lifetime of memories with trips to the ‘exotic, because of being extraordinary’ places. You can thank me later!