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Brands are ubiquitous now – everyone seems to be associated with or hoping to connect with one or another. With the rise of the entrepreneurial spirit, it has become imperative for individuals too to become known as a BRAND. There is perhaps nothing more powerful than a personal brand. A name – that people recognize, respect, and maybe are in awe of – one that people clamour attention from and would want to associate with it. While brands of companies may be known by their products, the colours and fonts they use – anything that makes them recognizable, even to the least discerning.

A personal brand may not have lines or colours, but it should boldly ‘speak’ of and reflect who you are. It should announce your beliefs and values – something that no other ‘brand’ has or can offer. The success of a personal brand, similar to a company’s – depends on its ability to make an emotional connection with customers and target audience. While it may seem like a tough ask, it is critical for the success of a personal brand to be viewed as unfeigned, genuine, and real.

Many a times we have read that brands with a humane side tend to have more success. The same is true for a personal brand – and staying human is a lot easier with a personal brand. It would be crucial to remember that ‘being human’ means allowing people to connect with you through your flaws, strengths, preferences, dislikes – the whole gamut that would make you human. It would be a lot easier to build a ‘community’ of dedicated readers and followers, when your personal brand authentically expresses the person you are.

Building a personal brand is not an overnight task and neither is it an offshoot of glorious pictures and ‘Selfies’. It is, rather, an arduous process that requires relentless and on-going effort. Staying true to oneself would mean not copying the style of another – it is acceptable though to learn and imbibe qualities. However, the expression of these traits, must be unique, truly ‘yours’, and reflects a deep understanding of you innate characteristics.

It is easiest to remain a true version of oneself – the most powerful method of becoming a recognizable personal brand. Stay confident – not authoritative and preachy – but someone who is self-assured in a positive manner. Develop your own voice and with time, it will emerge strong, authentic, and one-of-a-kind. It is time to get out there and let everyone know your ‘personal brand’ – it is too special to stay confined to you!