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“Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” – Samuel Johnson


The quote above encompasses the essence of self-confidence and why it is so important for everyone. A lack of self-confidence puts people in a loop of failures and fears and such people seem to be stuck in a rut. Self-confidence is required in every realm of our life – even a young child needs to have it in order to take the first step in to the outside world when starting school. In adult life too, if you appear hesitant, nervous and overly rueful, people find it hard to work with you and you come across as being someone who will be incapable of taking decisions or doing anything independently. Conversely, people who appear sure of themselves, who seem to have answers and can take responsibility of things if and when they go wrong, are people who are respected and known to possess self-confidence.

It is said that you inspire in others what you are inside. So if you are a person who has self-confidence, your whole demeanour will reflect this and you will be able to inspire confidence in all those you meet and also garner their respect leading to your success. It is true that some people seem more confident than others even as kids but the good news is that this quality can be learned, built and sustained with the right techniques. Every effort made to gain and build on self-confidence is worth it. By my understanding, there are many reasons why each person must cultivate self-confidence.

  1. Self-confidence gives a person a great deal of happiness and allows the person to have a sense of joy and pleasure in whatever they do and undertake. They are sure of what the outcomes will be since they are controlling their actions.
  2. Having a sense of control, packs a punch. It allows a person to have a greater sense of worth for oneself. You learn to value yourself more and trust in your abilities. This in turn raises your self-esteem and lends a healthy pride to who you are as a person.
  3. Self-confidence rids you of nagging feelings of self-doubt. People who constantly ‘second guess’ themselves constantly feel stressed out and find themselves unable to achieve as much as they would like to or need to.
  4. Self-confidence is liberating and gives one a sense of freedom in the knowledge that they are strong and powerful. Challenges and problems don’t make them go weak and feel debilitated but rather spur them on to achieve greater heights. Such a person is naturally rid of useless fears and anxieties – the kind that riles and afflicts people who have low self-worth and confidence.
  5. People with a high level of self-confidence are also more comfortable socially. They are able to adapt to any kind of societal pressures and remain unaffected by the unreasonableness of others. This keeps them peaceful and in control.
  6. When the mind is without fear, the natural instinct becomes one of motivation and boosted energy. Self-confident people find it easier to achieve their goals and are more energized to help others achieve theirs too.
  1. People with self-confidence are more fun to be around. They are relaxed and are often the problem-solvers and the life of any gathering. Those around learn to respect and value such people.
  2. People with high self-confidence are able to sleep and have a better quality of life. It is a natural outcome of this trait.

BUILD self-confidence by recognizing your strengths and capabilities and also your shortcomings. Be aware of your words and body language and make improvements as your go along. Accept that failure is a part of life and that perfection is a myth. Strive to do your best – the outcomes will happen. Trust yourself more and don’t be afraid to make decisions and also take help when required. With clarity of mind, you will move ahead in life and develop self-confidence as time goes by.