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I write from a place that is deep within my being. I write to let my inner most thoughts out. Today, after a long time, I feel down and out. Confused, anxious, screaming on the inside – just some of the ways to describe how I feel today! However, it is during such moments that I pause to think of what I stand for and what my inner self tells me. I want to say that this is no way ‘a preachy’ message. It is simply a hope that it would help – the way it helps me.

I was the youngest and would hang around my mum, who would consistently speak to me and drop these ‘pearls of wisdom’ and I always listened carefully. One of the things that she always said was that whenever you feel sad, upset, defeated, afraid, angry, and other such energy draining emotions, stop. Stop not from feeling them but stop trying to seek explanations and comfort from the outside. Knowing your inner self, attaining strength from your inner self, and replenishing it constantly, requires one to be silent.

Being silent is possibly one of the hardest asks today. However, if your inner self – that insanely powerful guide is to work well, silence is critical. Pay attention to it – it whispers all the time, even when you cannot find any semblance of sense around you. Respect it – respect your emotions – respect your inner being. Pause, breathe, reflect! The mind is powerful enough to lead and confuse – there is absolutely no doubt!

I reach out to people all the time – am sure you do as well. However, making and keeping the connection with your inner self, listening to it, paying attention to it, and replenishing your inner strength – is the first and most important duty. I realize that I cannot pour from an empty cup! I am struggling today with this, as many of you probably are. Give yourself time and space to have that that conversation with your inner self. Here’s to more power to my (and your) inner voice!

#Staysafe. #Staykind.