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There is a saying – the simple pleasures of life, are free. When you are working and managing hectic schedules, nothing could be more far removed from this. That is why indulging in a weekend getaway holiday sounds like the best idea – one that would actually allow you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The many places to visit are akin to unexpected gifts allowing you to celebrate life in ways that are unique. Set aside the ‘usual’ and head to places that allow you to be at complete peace with yourself and the environment. The absence of names of places is intentional – use your imagination and put yourself to work to find the place that would let you have the best holiday ever.

Head to the gurgle of the water in the lakes, the majestic mountains and the merry chirping of the birds amongst the emerald expanses – the setting would be serene and feel like your sanctuary at that moment. Look up places that are blessed by nature’s bounty and where the sun feels softly warm on your skin and a crisp cool breeze lightly caresses you. You would have opportunities to do nothing at all or indulge in a host of activities that will energize you. The choice is yours – as it should be.

Are you poetic or creative minded head to places where the absence of rush or chaos is palpable and the sounds of nature touch your ears lightly, giving an entire new meaning to life and your thoughts. Imagine a setting that is inspirational enough to goad you to pen down some unfinished thoughts or create new ones to match the setting – adding a strange familiarity to the air. The scent of the forest would consume your senses without being overpowering. The blobs of color break the monotone of green –the abundant luscious fruit and flowers found in the region that will take you back to your childhood as you gently pluck them off the trees. Suddenly all the complexities of life take a back seat.

If being in the midst of wildlife, thrills you then head straight to resorts and hotels situated in the heart of the forest – where you can hear the trumpeting of mighty elephants, roar of the big cats and the call of other wildlife. Dense forests and the expansive landscapes with a backdrop of the mighty hills would seem to put everything in place, despite the chaotic city life you leave behind for a while.

Most of us can never get enough of the mysterious haze of the mighty mountains, where a clear sunny day also introduces you to the entire town that is possibly bright green and interspersed with cheery wild flowers. These place epitomize innocence and pristine beauty – always seemingly in a festive mood. When it is time, brilliantly shimmering snow covers these hills in a cloak of white leaving even the most skeptical and harried visitor, awestruck. In the hills, when winter gives way to summer, the snowy blanket gives way, albeit not completely as it still rests on the mountain peaks in a distance, to delicate hues of pink cherry and apple blossoms and jaded landscapes.

Take your pick – wherever you choose as your weekend getaway, nature will ensure that you return energized and eager to go – only until you find another excuse to escape to another location.