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What is it about writing that catches the fancy and imagination of so many?

For me writing is a plethora of things – freedom, creativity, financial gains, penning my thoughts and moods by way of a piece and also being able to capture the essences of the subject being ‘spoken’ about. It’s often not easy especially when the mood is downbeat and melancholic. Writing is toughest then.

What is most fascinating for me when I write is being alone – not lonely – alone. Together with and yet mysteriously aloof from all the things that surround me – I am detached. It’s possible for me to see and understand a lot more – something that cannot be strung together in words.

There are times when my mind shuts out the surroundings, blocks out the sounds and I feel in complete union and honesty with the words that flow through and out of me. I am guilty of feeling inexplicable annoyance for anything / anyone able to disrupt this ‘trance’ – of course it is my fault for not focusing enough.

Writing – it’s exciting. There are so many words and countless ways that they can be used together differently and have the power to elicit a range of emotions. As someone who writes, these limitless possibilities enthral me, intrigue and keep me humble. Writing – it’s uplifting – Cathartic even and I hope that I will and can continue stringing words together until it’s time to bid goodbye…