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Would you say that as a person you are true to yourself and to others? This translates to – are you someone who believes in commitment and also upholds the view that the very act of being committed means that you are into something for good. Commitment could be towards anything or anyone and requires a person to believe in this thing or person from the core of their being. Being committed, I know, is like an anchor – it keeps you grounded and opens up your mind and heart to have the capacity to listen, be there for others and yourself and also to be completely present – not just in words but through your actions and thoughts. Just reading what commitment can do for you, is consoling and comforting – right!


In my view, true commitment begins with oneself. It is crucial to develop a deep and unflinching relationship with oneself – remain committed to being happy for instance – before you can reach out to others. When you are committed to yourself, it will show in your relationships with others. You will be more aware of how another person feels and what you should do in order to develop, build and sustain meaningful and committed relationships with them. Being committed to oneself means being aware of your own strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. It is also an awareness of anything that contributes toward making you who you are. Such awareness will be the first step towards understanding and being committed to those we care about and to people in general.

The world has changed and as resources shrink and people increase, the whole attitude of people seems to have undergone a sea change too. Everyone is focused and committed to only their needs and those of their loved ones. This is not a right or wrong situation – it just is so, but it must be remembered that hurting someone in the race to move ahead, will always be wrong. This could be just my opinion of course!

Is there some magic formula / mantra to build commitment? Not really – you either want it or don’t. Read on just for information if nothing else:

– Commitment can be built by secretly inquiring to oneself whether your friends and family are truly happy. How do you think they feel emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and are there any ways you can help to make them feel better? Such thoughts will only arise and you will find solutions only when you are committed to their well-being. Pay attention to them, to your thoughts and with time you will find that you do have the power to change things – this is commitment at its best.

– When you are committed, you will find time to do things that you truly care about and do things for those you care about. Watch cartoons, sing even if out of tune, cook something special, ‘talk’ to your pet and other such things calm your mind and you will find yourself being more committed and relaxed while facing the daily challenges and vital chores of life. Do something for your mind and soul and when you make them truly happy, you will be led towards being committed and then nothing will seem like a chore.

These are just my experiences and thoughts – open your mind and hearts to understand what you feel truly committed to and go ahead and express yourself without restraint and in the most authentic manner possible.