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Being a good human being really should be a given. We know however, from our interactions and daily lives that not only those around us but personally too fail often at being good human beings. It is important to keep trying – being a good human being leaves you with a soft warm feeling, keeps you at peace and cultivates feelings of harmony with those around us. Personally I believe this feeling is really worth sustaining. What in your opinion are the traits of a good human being? From my perspective someone who is there in times of need for others, treats everyone with respect irrespective of status, has and upholds values, makes others feel valued, is true and honest regardless of the outcome and remains positive through the worst of times is a good human being.

It is often said that being good or not so is inherent – something you get from your parents – I disagree – being a good human being is a choice. You can either choose to have the mentioned traits or be the opposite – it all depends on an individual. My take on a good human being is:

– Someone who has the ability to care about other people – genuinely care without expectation of reward and benefit. My belief is that doing at least one good act a day not only enriches someone else’ life, but also gives you a sense of calm satisfaction and lets you sleep better at night. If you can change someone’s unhappiness to joy and alleviate their discomfort, you know that you are being a good human being. This however, must be consistent and not when the ‘mood’ to be nice strikes and neither must doing good be subject to religious reasons either.

– There is an old saying – “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for life”. A good human being will help and energize others effectively, making them self-sufficient and reliant on their own capabilities. They will help those who falter and be the strength of those weaker than them. A good human being, will empower another and stand back to allow the person to get the credit and praise for a job well done. This is actually easier said than done and most people are unwilling to share credit even with people they know well, let alone do so for strangers or acquaintances. Being a good human being means that you actually take the time to bestow kindness and interest on another human being and in turn are happy for the peace and satisfaction this brings you.

– A good human being is genuine in praise and appreciation. They are always the first to shake the hand or pat the back for someone who has worked hard and has earned the accolades. Every human craves appreciation, acknowledgement and admiration and those who are able to satisfy this need for others, are truly good human beings. The fact is that good begets good (though some may argue that in the current day and age, this is not always true) and one must strive to do whatever possible to show appreciation of those they associate with.

– A good human being is quick to understand and accept their mistakes and shortcomings. They will apologize without explanations when they have hurt someone and genuinely resolve to be more careful in the future. It is a pleasure to be associated with such people as their positivity is infectious and uplifting.

Another popular saying mentions that “one day you’ll be just a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one”. Strive to be known and remembered as a good human being.