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Are you leveraging the Power of Customer Brand Ambassadors?

Great customer service, engaging content and a relentless pursuit of forming robust relationships with your customers, leads them to become the ultimate force behind your brand. They become your brand ambassadors. However, getting the most out of these ‘ambassadors’ and finding a way to leverage their power is not something that any company has probably been able to master. What should you do?

Leveraging the power of customer brand ambassadors is not easy or an overnight task. It takes time, effort, authentic messages through great content to make your customers promote your brand, without making your brand appear desperate or giving customers the feeling that they are being used. Give your customers and your business a mutually beneficial ‘platform’ that will allow both of you to benefit – sustainably.

Customers talk about brands and their experiences all the time. If your company / brand has made consistent efforts to keep them happy, would it not be great if they can tell a larger audience at the click of a button and with added benefits for them? Customer reviews and testimonials are indispensable to success now, for any company – you may as well leverage their happiness and enthusiasm to spread the ‘good word’ to many. This would be far more effective than, your company ‘blowing its trumpet’ about how great it is. Turn your brand ambassadors and passionate fans into vocal ‘promoters’ of your brand – easily and visibly.

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I’ve been around for a while now, and during my life, I have come to realize that being different almost always causes people to do a “double take”. When you are different, you might possibly rouse the hatred of a petty bigot or thoughtless tyrant. However, it is important to be proud of who you are, and not change or hide from who you are because others are uncomfortable in your presence. I want people to look at ‘me’ and see me as I am. Many of us find ourselves caught in the crossfire of darting sidelong glances, scrutinized and scanned by furtive eyes trying to work out who we are.

I remember seeing a child with a disfigured face – walk in to a restaurant.The child was aware of the people staring, and his parents knew that their child, with his distorted face, was being made the centre of unwanted attention. Suddenly, the child put his head down; ashamed of the way he looked. Amidst all this activity, I saw a woman walk up to the boy. She bent down and looked in to his eyes. “You are beautiful”, she said. The room fell silent. The boy looked up. The anxiety of being different, of being a stranger, of being someone ‘different’, had dissolved like a sprinkling of sugar in a cup of ‘caffe’.

In this all-too- real world of troubles, where good people are often ostracized based their color, their looks, their height, or their weight, this kindness was an restorative act of humanity.

The boy smiled. He was different but it didn’t matter after all…